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    GCRT Solar Power Plants in Govt. Buildings under CAPEX mode

    The Solar Power Plants installed on any structure/ground within the building/complex premises shall be counted as rooftop solar power plant.  The Solar power plant may be installed with net metering facility in the State. The “Net Metering” allows consumer to feed the excess electricity to the grid when the solar system is generation more power than consumption. The power exported to the grid may be credited to consumer account and can be used by the consumer during the financial year. Solar Power Plant of capacity equivalent to sanctioned load can be installed under Net Metering Regulations.

    Under this project, GCRT Solar power plants are being installed in various Govt. building of the State with net metering facility by this Department on Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) mode.

    Under Net Metering Regulations, the maximum capacity of 500 kWp of the GCRT solar power plant is allowed. Accordingly, GCRT solar power plants of 1-500 kWp (without battery bank) and 1-10 kWp hybrid solar power plants (with battery bank) are taken up by the Department.

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