Solar Cooker Program 2011-12

    Solar cooker programme 2011-12
    Haryana is one of the few states in the country where solar cookers are being promoted by providing subsidy on box/dish type solar cooker. The Govt. of India is also promoting dish type solar cookers by providing subsidy@ Rs.2100/- per Sq. meter of the collector area limited to 30 % cost of the cooker and box type solar cookers @ Rs. 3600/- per sq. Meter of the collector area.

    During the year 2011-12, there was a target of distribution of 1750 solar cookers in the state with state subsidy provision of Rs. 20.0 lacs.

    Under this program, following projects have been set up in the state:-
    Item Tentative Target Tentative funding pattern per unit (Per Cooker) Approx. cost State Subsidy GOI subsidy under the JNNSM User Share(Tentative)
    Box type solar cooker 1250 Rs. 3150/- Rs.1000/- Rs. 945/- Rs.1205/-
    Dish type solar cooker 500 Rs.5710/- Rs.1500/- Rs. 1713/- Rs.2497/-

    During the year 2012-13, there is a target of 500 Dish type solar cookers & 1000 box type solar cookers with a state budget of Rs. 17.50 lac.