The 29thJuly, 2005

    No. 22/52/05-5P.- In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 18 of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 (52 of 2001), the Governor of Haryana hereby issues the following directions for efficient use of energy and its conservation in the State of Haryana, namely:-

    1. Mandatory use of Solar Water Heating Systems
      1. The use of solar water heating systems will be mandatory in the following categories of buildings, namely:-
        1. Industries where hot water is required for processing
        2. Hospitals and Nursing homes including Government Hospitals.
        3. Hotels, Motels and Banquets halls.
        4. Jail Barracks, Canteens.
        5. Housing Complexes set up by Group Housing Societies/Housing Boards.
        6. All residential buildings built on a plot of size 500 square yards and above falling within the limits of municipal committees/corporations and Haryana Urban Development Authority sectors.
        7. All Government buildings, Residential schools, Education Colleges, Hostels, Technical/Vocational Education institutes, District Institutes of Education and Training, Tourism Complexes and Universities etc.
      2. Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency will act as approved source for supply and installation of solar water heating systems in the State to ensure the installation of optimally disgend quality systems as per specification.
      3. All the line departments like Town and Country Planning Department, Urban Development Department, Public Works Department (Building and Roads), Housing Board, Public Health Department and Architecture Department will amend their rules/bye-laws within a period of two months from the date of issue of this order to make the use of soalr water heating systems mandatory.
      4. These departments will also designate a district and a state level nodal officer to monitor and report the progress of enforcement of the State Government decisions to the Department of Renewable Energy, Haryana on Quarterly basis in the prescribed format.
    2. Mandatory use of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) in Government Buildings/Government Aided Institutions/ Boards/Corporations
      1. The use of incandescent lamps in all new buildings/institutions constructed in Government sector/Government Aided sector/Board and Corporation/ Autonomous bodies is banned with immediate effect.
      2. It will be mandatory that in existing buildings the defective incandescent lamps when replaced would be replaced by only compact fluorescent lamps (CFL).
      3. power utilities will affect necessary modificatio9n in the load demand notices within two months time form the date of issue of this order to promote the use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps instead of conventional bulbs while releasing/sanctioning new connection/loads.
    3. Mandatory use of ISI marked Motor pump sets, Power capacitor, and Foot/Reflex valves in Agriculture Sector
      1. For all new tubewell connections, use of ISI marked pump sets and accessories will be mandatory.
      2. Uttar Haryana bijli Vitran Nigam/ Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam will make the amendments in the load demand notices for tubewell connections within two months time from the date of issue of this order to ensure use of only ISI marked pumps in the State.
    4. Promotion of Energy Efficient Buildings Design
      1. All the new buildings to be constructed in the Government/Government Aided sector will incorporate energy efficient buildings design concepts including Renewable Energy Technologies with effect from 30th June, 2006.
      2. The Architecture Department will ensure the incorporation of energy efficient building design concepts in all buildings to be constructed in future in the Government/Government Aided sector. A committee shall be formed in the Architecture Department to examine all new building plan/ drawings to be constructed in the Government Aided sector to ensure that all the features of the energy efficient building design concepts, have been incorporated in these.
      3. The Architecture Department will designate a nodal officer for coordination and monitoring of these measures who will report the progress in this regard to the Director, Renewable Energy Department, Haryana The above orders supersede all previous orders in this matter and come into force with immediate effect.

    Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary to
    Government Haryana, Renewable Energy Department