From Director Desk

    Hanif Qureshi IPS – Copy
    Energy consumption by a society is an indicator of its growth. With rise in population and growth in industrialization, urbanization and commercial activities, the demand for energy has been rising exponentially. Most of our energy needs are met from conventional fossil fuels which are not only limited but also a source of environmental issues and have an adverse impact on our foreign exchange reserves. To overcome these problems, we need to adopt the model of sustainable development. This sustainable development can be achieved by harnessing renewable energy sources and efficient use of energy. The Renewable Energy Department and HAREDA is continuously working towards achieving these goals by promoting Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation.

    It is my pleasure to inform that presently, the total installed power generation capacity from renewable energy sources in the states stands at 255.69 MW and projects of about 43.35 MW are under installation. The energy conservation initiatives of the State Govt. have also bore fruits and about 529 MW capacity addition has been avoided so far in the state through these measures. The initiatives of the state have been recognized at the national level also. Haryana is the first State in the country to amend the Haryana Schedule of Rates (HSR) to incorporate Energy Efficient Building Materials to enable construction agencies to construct energy efficient buildings. Presently, HAREDA is in the process of amending the building bye-laws of the state for incorporating Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) in them.

    The Department/HAREDA is now operating from its newly constructed own office building “Akshay Urja Bhawan” in Sector -17, Panchkula. This building complies with the 5 star rating, which is the highest rating of GRIHA Rating system for Green buildings of Govt. of India. Besides promoting generation of power from renewable energy sources, HAREDA is also promoting renewable energy for decentralized applications like Home Lighting, Street Lighting, Off grid Power plants, Solar Water Heating system, Biogas etc. In the Annual Plan 2015-16, thrust has been laid on Rooftop Solar Power Applications, Solar Street Lighting and Solar Water Heating. The State Govt. is also providing State subsidy besides Central Financial Assistance for setting up of Solar Power Packs in the state.

    Though we have tried our best to provide all the possible information on our website for the benefit of the public, However, I shall welcome your suggestions / feedback, both on the activities of the Department/HAREDA and about our website, to make it more useful. The Deptt. is in the process for developing online application procedure for various RE devices and it is expected to be in place soon.

    Dr. Hanif Qureshi, IPS