Energy Service Company(ESCO) route is an innovative option for bringing in energy efficiency in energy intensive applications where an ESCO comes into picture to design, install and finance the energy efficiency measures required to reduce energy bills and the maintenance costs. The ESCO recovers its expenditures from mutually agreed share from the savings in the electricity bills.

    ESCO project has been implemented in MC, Hisar & HUDA, Panchkula by M/s Asian Electronics Ltd., Delhi & M/s Pranat Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Delhi respectively.

    Particular HUDA,PKL MC-HISAR
    Date of start of project 27.5.08 12.5.08
    Date of completion of project 31.3.09 30.10.08
    No. of street Light points 5273 5405
    Annual Energy Consumption 25. 64 LU 24.97 LU
    Annual Energy Saving 16.96 LU (66.15%) 14.81 LU (59.30%)
    ESCO Share 77% 88%
    Owner Share 23% 12%
    Annual Share in Energy Bills Rs. 76.83 Lacs Rs. 67.00 Lacs
    Peak load reduction 465 kW 405 kW
    Avoided O&M cost Rs. 44.10 Lacs Rs. 9.97 Lacs
    Contract Period 8 years 6 years
    Project cost (Rs.) 4.76 crores 3.54 crores

    A study carried out by the Department in MC, Hisar has indicated that the street lights in the MC, Hisar area are now well maintained, roads are well lit and people are happy. During the trial operations, it has been found that the project shall result into annual electricity saving of 14.807 Lacs units translating into a saving of Rs. 67.0 Lacs in the electricity bill of Municipal Corporation, Hisar annually.