Solar Lantern

    A solar photovoltaic (SPV) lantern (Solar lantern) is a lighting system consisting of a 7 watt CFL, 12V 7AH battery and electronics, all placed in a suitable housing, made of metal or plastic or fiber glass, and a photovoltaic (PV) module of 10Watt. Electricity generated by PV module charges the battery. The lantern is a portable lighting device suitable for either indoor or outdoor lighting, covering a full range of 360 degrees working for 3-4 hours per day. A lighting device which does not have omni-directional lighting will not be classified as a solar lantern in the present context.

    • Product Cost : Rs. 2350/- (approx.)
    • State Subsidy : Rs. 1000/-
    • User Share : Rs.1350/-
    • Eligibility : All residents of Haryana
    • Document : hareda763215451.doc

    Contact Details

    Address: Ministry of New & Renewable Energy(MNRE), Block No.14, CGO Complex, lodhi Road, New delhi-110003 Website: