LED Home Lighting

    The system is based on solar Photovoltaic Technology which converts the sunlight energy into DC electricity through solar cells. The generated electricity is to be stored in the batteries and can be used to run two LED lights during night hours. The system consists 12 watt spv module, 12 volt 20 ah and illuminance minimum 15 lux when measured from a height of about 2.5 metre and illuminated over an area of at least 2.5 metre diameter with 2 luminar(3 watt each) working for 4 hours per day.

    • Product Cost : Rs. 9700/-
    • State Subsidy : Rs. 5000/-
    • User Share : Rs. 4700/-
    • Eligibility : All Residents of Haryana
    • Document : hareda224675927.php

    Contact Details

    Address: Ministry of New & Renewable Energy(MNRE), Block No.14, CGO Complex, lodhi Road, New delhi-110003 Website: