Box Type Solar Cooker

    Box-type solar cookers consists of an insulated box, metallic cooking pots inside the box, double glass lid on the cooking tray, and a reflecting mirror fitted on the underside of the lid of the box. The cooking tray is insulated on the sides and bottom. The incoming solar radiation falls onto the double glass lid and passes through it to strike the blackened cooking pots and the cooking tray. The heat is absorbed by the blackened surface and gets transferred to the food inside the pots to facilitate cooking. The mirror reflector is set in such a way to reflect the solar radiation falling on it to the cooker box. Up to four black painted vessels are placed inside the box. The box type solar cooker takes 1½ to 2 hours to cook vegetables, rice, dals, cake etc.

    DESCRIPTION: size 550mmx550mmx170 mm ± 20 mm with four matt black coated cooking pots (with lid) ( made of stainless steel IS 4536 Part-I, II/ IS 5522) · Cover plate double glazed made of toughened glass with over all transmittance of not less than 65%. · Thermal performance not less than 0.12 · Reflectivity of the reflector either of mirror or Ano-Fol Anodized Aluminum Sheet may not be less than 65%.

    • Product Cost : Rs. 3150/-
    • State Subsidy : Rs. 1000/-
    • Product Document For Purchase : hareda7742989

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