Solar Water Pumping Programme

    Haryana is an agrarian State and is contributed to national food grains pool, so it needs adequate irrigation facilities for its farmer. To meet the irrigation requirements of farmers of the State and to reduce input cost of harvesting by replacing existing diesel pump sets, Department of New & renewable Energy is providing solar pumps of 3 HP to 10 HP capacity in the State with total 75 % subsidy (30 % Central Financial Assistance under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Surksha Evam Utthan Mahabhiyaan (PM-KUSUM) & 45 % from the State). These pumps will not provide clean source of power for emerging agriculture pumps but also reduce input cost of farming and thereby help in increase the income of farmers.
    Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Uthan Mahaabhiyan (PM-KUSUM) scheme of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is designed to enhance income of the farmers from that part of the land which is barren/fallow and also to reduce cost of irrigation.
    The PM-KUSUM scheme has three Components as detailed below: –
    Under Component-A of the Scheme the farmers can set-up solar plant of 500 kW to 2 MW capacity on his barren land situated within 5 km of distribution sub-station. The power generated will be purchased by the DISCOM at a pre-fixed tariff. This component is being implemented by DISCOMs.
    Component-B of the Scheme provides for installation of 20 lakh standalone Solar Powered Agriculture Pumps in the Country. This component is being implemented by the NRE Department Haryana.
    Component-C of the Scheme provides for solarization of Agriculture feeders. The surplus solar power generated will be purchased by DISCOM and the amount will be credited to farmer’s bank account for repayment of loan. This component is being implemented by DISCOMs.
    Off-Grid Solar Pumps under PM-KUSUM (Component-B)
    • Under this scheme, standalone solar agriculture pumps (Surface/Submersible) of capacity 3 HP, 5HP, 7.5 HP and 10 HP pumps shall be provided with 75% subsidy for irrigation purpose only, the subsidy pattern is as under:-.
    Capacity User Share MNRE Subsidy State Subsidy
    3-7.5 HP Pumps 25% of the cost 30% of the cost 45% of the cost
    10 HP pumps 25% of the cost 30% of the cost of 7.5 HP pump Balance of the user share and MNRE subsidy

    Applicable Beneficiaries:-
    a. Individual farmers will be supported to install standalone solar Agriculture pumps of capacity up to 10 HP for replacement of existing diesel Agriculture pumps / irrigation systems in off-grid areas, where grid supply is not available.
    b. Water User Associations, Gaushalas’ and community/cluster based irrigation system will also be covered under this component. However, priority would be given to small and marginal farmers.
    c. The Water User Associations and community/cluster based irrigation system may be provided more than one pump as per the scheme guidelines. For solar pumps to be set up and used by Water user associations/ Farmer producers organizations/ Primary agriculture credit societies or for cluster based irrigation system the CFA will be allowed for solar pump higher than 10 HP considering up to 5 HP capacity for each individual in the group.
    d. Applicant shall have to provide required size bore well complete with lowering and south facing shadow free land to the firm for installation of solar pump.
    Eligibility Criteria:-
    i. He/she have agricultural land in his/her name.
    ii. The applicant has no electric agricultural connection in his/her name.
    iii. The beneficiaries who have already covered under the solar pump scheme, is not eligible to get another solar water pumping systems irrespective of its capacity/location.
    iv. He/she have Parivar Pehchan Patra.
    v. The applicant must have micro-irrigation (drip/sprinkler) and/or Under Ground Pipe Lines (UGPL) in his/her field or have installed before installation of solar pumps.
    Solar pump installation in notified areas of the Central Ground Water Authority(CGWA)
    I. In the notified areas of the CGWA, farmers who are drawing water from farm ponds with micro irrigation techniques/Under Ground Pipe Lines shall only be considered.
    II. New Solar Agriculture pumps would not be covered under this component in Notified areas. However, existing standalone diesel pumps can be converted into standalone solar pumps in these areas provided they use micro irrigation techniques to save water.

    Invitation of Application:-
    The applications are invited as per target allocated from Central and State Government and press advertisement is released for invitation of applications. The farmers who wish to install solar water pumping systems shall have to apply online through portal. Applicant must have to deposit the applicable user share while applying online through RTGS/NEFT to individual virtual account generated in Challan. The portal automatically closed on completion of targeted applications. The systems shall be provided on the basis of first come first serve basis (in accordance with the application submitted online and applicable share deposited). No hard copy of the application shall be entertained by the Department/HAREDA.

    Market Mode implementation:-
    Scheme will be implemented in the market mode and beneficiaries will have freedom to choose supplier of his choice from empanelled suppliers. However, the firm is subject to change as per tender conditions to allocate fixed quantity to L-1 bidder and SME firms etc.

    Monitoring and Complaint Redressal Portal:-
    State web portal has been developed for the proper monitoring of PM-KUSUM scheme from installation to the daily utilization of pumps which is synchronized with the National PM-KUSUM portal. The individual pump data such as power generation, water output, loaction etc are being fetched on the PM-KUSUM portal on every 15 minutes with the help of Remote Monitoring System (RMS) integration. Complaints from the users are registered & monitored online on this portal.

    USPC can be used for running any standard voltage (400/415 V) three phase agricultural appliances like atta chakki, chaff cutter, deep freezers etc of capacity not more than the capacity solar pump. Further, State share is also kept same for corresponding solar pump without USPC. The farmer has to bear rest cost. In case any firms fails to install USPC due to non-testing of USPC in time, pump will be installed with normal controller and additional amount deposited for USPC will be refunded without interest.
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