To identify areas where excess energy consumption or wastage of energy is taking place in buildings, Department of New and Renewable Energy, Haryana is implementing a scheme to carry out the investment grade energy audit. This energy audit of buildings involves measuring the actual energy consumption of various electrical gadgets used in the buildings, comparing it with an estimate of the minimum energy required to undertake the process, establishing technically & economically feasible means to achieve the same and suggest best ways to optimize the energy consumption leading to energy saving & money saving in electricity bills.
    Under the scheme, New and Renewable Energy Department provides 100% financial assistance towards the cost for conduct of energy audit of Government / Semi Govt. building having connected load above 100 kW, as per scheme guidelines and implementation procedure. The free energy audit shall be conducted only for the Departments who undertake to implement at least 50% recommendation of energy auditor within one year or as per phasing of the energy auditor in its report. For other categories of Pvt. Buildings / Industries , financial assistance of 50% of cost for conduct of energy audit subject to maximum of Rs 50,000 is being provided.