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Dish Type Solar Cooker

dish type


The concentrating type parabolic dish solar cooker will be useful for individuals in rural as well as urban areas and also for small establishments like dhabas, tea shops etc. The solar cooker has an aperture diameter of 1.4 meter and a focal length of 0.28 meter. The reflecting material used for its fabrication is anodized aluminium sheet that has a reflectivity of over 75 %. The tracking of the cooker is manual and so has to be adjusted in 15 to 20 minutes during the cooking time.
It has a delivery power of about 0.6 KW that can boil 2 to 3 liters of water in half an hour. The temperature achieved at the bottom of the vessel could range from 350 to 4000C which is sufficient for roasting, frying and boiling. A cooker with about 40% thermal efficiency can meet the needs of around 15 people and can be used from one hour after sunrise until one hour before sunset on clear days. It can be easily dismantled and assembled. and therefore can be transported anywhere in the country. It can also be placed at a convenient level for its users. The cooker can save up to 10 LPG cylinders a year on full use in small establishments. The metallic structure reflecting sheets may, however, have to be replaced once in 5 years. DESCRIPTION ·         Parabolic dish made of single/multiple reflectors fixed firmly to a rigid frame. The size and shape of the reflectors will be such that when joined/fixed they automatically form a perfect parabolic dish which when exposed to the Sun in the normal direction a point focus is formed. ·         Dish diameter : 1.4 m minimum ·         Reflector Material   : Bright anodized aluminium sheets of thickness 0.4 mm.degradation of 10% in 5 years ·         Useful life : 5 years minimum Tying cords : the reflector fins should be tied with the supporting rings with a metallic cord so that it does not wear out over a span of time Focal spot   : It will be of a size such that all the reflected rays are exactly focused at the bottom of the vessel (5 litre pressure cooker for 1.4 m dia. Dish.)Thermal efficiency   : min 40%
PRODUCT COST : Rs. 5710/-
USER SHARE : Rs.2497/-
ELIGIBILITY : All Residents of Haryana